Three ways to overcome common legal case challenges:

1. Outsource Pre-Sue Enquiries

In the current environment there is increasing merit in conducting due diligence enquiries before proceedings are even issued or served. Considering all the work that goes into instituting or defending a civil action, entrusting experienced litigation support consultants can prove invaluable.  Whether it involves background checks, asset tracing or locating key individuals, investing time at an early stage can benefit the case in the long run and will improve the case outcome.

2. Streamline Legal Processes

Choosing a litigation support partner that offers comprehensive services from pre-sue enquiries to tracing, mark for recovery assessments, surveillance, lifestyle reports and due diligence reporting through to summons serving and security enforcement services can streamline your legal processes. This not only saves your firm time but reduces costs.

3. Access Specialist Expertise

Instead of spending hours researching non-legal aspects of the case it’s worth reaching out to a litigation support partner who has specific expertise and a network of contacts and supports. Specialized investigative skills often make the difference in overcoming legal case stumbling blocks.


• Ensure the consultants you engage hold a valid Private Security Authority (PSA) licence for any private investigation services carried out. Work with them under a written contract of engagement that outlines GDPR commitment and obligations.

At Orion Risk we work with leading law firms, banking institutions, financial service providers and government departments in Ireland and the UK to support pre-sue and ongoing legal case enquiries and investigations. Our services including Europe-wide summons serving and tracing, are designed to minimise risks and maximise efficiency.  For further information don’t hesitate to contact us.

PSA Licence Number 06041.

DISCLAIMER: This document is for information purposes only and does not constitute any legal advice.

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