Legal Support Services

legal-servicesWho we assist:

  • National and International Law Firms
  • Legal Departments
  • Government Agencies
  • Property Management Companies

What we do:

Our key litigation support services include the following:

  • Pre-sue enquiries
  • Tracing enquiries
  • Asset tracing
  • Property inspections
  • Property valuations
  • Process serving
  • Background checks
  • Lifestyle reports
  • Law searches
  • Tailored due diligence reports

Why you need us:

Pursuing a debt through the Courts is an expensive exercise and one that can be laden with untold risks. Companies and individuals must ensure that this is the right avenue to follow. Before legal proceedings should even be contemplated, the first step must always be to determine if the debtor is a mark for recovery. There will often be many other pre-sue enquiries that should be undertaken prior to instituting legal proceedings such as whether the debtor can be located and what their attitude to legal proceedings is. Orion Risk offers a full pre-sue enquiry service and thereby helps to mitigate the risk of undertaking legal proceedings. We have over three decades of experience in carrying out the crucial investigations necessary to support pre-sue cases and ongoing litigation enquiries. Our team has assisted with numerous District Court, Circuit Court, High Court and Commercial Court cases both nationally and internationally. In all cases we act ethically and discreetly to ensure that the information we provide can be used to support your case and in a legal context. We are not restricted by our location and our services can be carried out across Ireland, Northern Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.

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